Friday, 12 August 2011


A few weeks ago, I was asked to write a piece on 'mental illness'. The brief came as a request to help reassure someone whose partner had recently been diagnosed with 'depression'.  My perspective was sought because I don't believe in 'mental illnesses' as they're currently sold to us, and believe they are, in fact, a healthy sign, an alarm bell, indicating to us where the real sickness lies - deep within the fabric of every aspect of modern society.

I wrote the piece, and then, days later, the UK was torn apart with panic over the Tottenham riots (that started in North London, but quickly spread around the capital and country). I felt the themes raised in my Mental Illness piece correlated very strongly to the riots, and to the explosive commentary and political debate that now surrounds them, so I wanted to make it public.

I welcome all comments and feedback.


  1. I read to my utmost admiration not as a fellow Blogger within the Community and Fraternity but the issues you raised which i am absolutely and categorically for in reshaping and going back to basics to restore our sense of values,principles that make us not only civilised but place Humanity on the spot. All the comments and details you posed was more of a prophecy been fulfilled and has happened and i have publicly promoted the Blog as a must read for all to understand the causes,effects and remedy at hand. My Fellow Blogger you're destined for greatness .Kudos to you .Bless you can contact me on my Skype Address of Maharajah71.Nice 1 yeah.

  2. My name is Valentina and I'm from Romania.I think I already know what's wrong with UK.I graduated in 2003 with major journalism and comunication science .I have been looking for jobs in UK recently , seeking a position as a live-in care assistant.This gave me the opportunity to detect the "rotten" parts of your country , which made me sad because I love people.I helped a friend of mine from Southern California to edit two books,and I was astonished to see how much it reflects the sad truth about capitalism and its disastrous effects upon humanity and human beings.He worked over 30 years in mortgage industry and fell in love with a girl from Romania.As expected, he is now bereft of funds thxs to the economic recession.He spent some time with her here ,and besides the culture shock, he discovered many nice things about people.He loved their friendly nature and said that in US HE DID NOT EVEN GET TO KNOW HIS NEIGHBORS.What I want to highlight is that we lost our identity and humanity , the capitalism had somehow tainted the essence of human being,we trade our destiny for money , greed, greed , we aim only at money and we are ready to trample on our peers without the slightest sign of remorse. I'm so grieved to say that, their politeness and all those smiles they display are so artificial, it is all a facade.Where is the friendship and caring?Because it's all a facade, they are all self-centered , the interaction, the sincere exchange of ideas, where are those?People lost their own identity , and aiming at money or simply struggling for a mere subsistence , they are all led like sheep.We will never see the "real" protagonists , those we see on the stage are only "puppets" doing what they are told.Corporations and their greed will lead to destruction of humanity ,forcing people to trample on their own principles to earn a living or simply throwing them in keen competition , where they fiercely and chaotically fight against each other.No wonder that we have so many sick people and such a chaos , and so many disgruntled individuals.Our society is sick and devoid of values and morals .IT'S KILL TO LIVE OR SURVIVE.When my application was rejected (it was a voluntary position , money pocket about 28 poiunds per week)I realized that we must change , I'm a wonderful person and I'm sure that I would have brought comfort and joy to those disabled people .That politeness, that coldness , I hope people from UK will think of that .They must change and foster real values and friendship , not toward me , but among themselves.I hope that people will ponder over my words and ask themselves what's wrong in UK.

  3. Many thanks for these comments., your kind words and encouragement are very much appreciated, thank you. I'm afraid I don't have Skype, but I would certainly be keen to hear more of your thoughts. My email address is

    Valentina, I'm sorry to hear of your struggles, but, unfortunately, you are correct in everything you say - I have made many of the same points in my article, and it is very interesting to hear them so vehemently confirmed from a non-native. It does seem clear that the UK is the global epitome of rotten and degenerate 'values', with which the rest of Europe is far less affected. I would be interested in any thoughts you had on how (for instance) Romania has managed to retain more traditional values. Thanks for taking the time to comment, and I wish you luck with your continued job search.

  4. I forgot to mention that PANIC REIGNS OVER PEOPLE, fueled by mass media , which always takes care to indoctrinate and manipulate people , serving the interests of tycoons .People are obsessed with their own security and go crazy and lead a remote life,separating themselves from the "rest" and building high fences and bringing in the latest security devices .That's the perfect tool to destroy the spirit of cohesion, so people will be more easily manipulated and would not bother to protest against the "abnormal".


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